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Rest in Peace, Peter Breck, May 13, 1929 - Feb. 6, 2012



March 5, 2012

I believe this is the most difficult message I have ever had to write.  Where do I start?   How do I begin?  Peter & I shared the same path through life for many years.  I did not realize how much a part of each other we were until he left me. 

The last 10 years of his life became increasingly difficult for him as the terrible illness of dementia slowly but surely took over his days.  He tried so hard to battle it. He stayed with me at home until he went into the hospital on Jan. 10 and passed very peacefully on Feb.6.    

He was a good man. He could be wild & wooly at times but he was kind, thoughtful, protective & generous to a fault.  He was a loving & caring husband & father. 

I would like to let all of his fans know that your e-mails and cards through these past years meant so much to him. You gave him great pleasure by letting him know that so many still thought of and remembered him.  

I must give my thanks to all of you that have sent me messages of condolence.  It has been overwhelming to me.  I deeply wish that I could answer every one personally. Your support through these trying times has meant more to us than you could possibly imagine.

He was my husband of almost 52 years.  I love him and I miss him. 




Thanks for your patience


Warren James, Webmaster

Please click here to view or download a video of stills (with audio) I have to commemorate Peter and  also I have added a high resolution copy of Peters video resume on the welcome page.


Just added Feb. 29 and used with permission, thank you James Drury and Karen Lindsey

Memories of Peter Breck by James Drury (The Virginian)






The 2012 calendar is still available through this site.


Previously added ... have a listen to the interview Peter had with 96.5 FM in Melbourne, Australia in May of 2008.  Well you are at it ... have a listen to the interview Peter did for a local Vancouver radio station.  Just go to welcome page.


Catch a view of the actual video resume that Peter's agents used to use.  There is two versions listed and you can find them on the welcome page.

You can still see Peter's Christmas 2006 greeting video on the welcome page.

Also added (as of April 26, 2011)  on the welcome page see links to video of Warren Jame's short western film "ShowDown" that Peter had the pleasure of working on a few years back.


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